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Every customer, every time!

Our ability to have a good conversation with our customers at every interaction. "Every customer, every time" remains our standard for making banking easy. We need everyone to be focused on delivering on it. It sounds so simple, but our customer experience scores show that we have room to improve on our ability to consistently deliver a value-added conversation. This is a big part of making EIB the easiest place to bank and invest.


Conversational skills is our single biggest challenge for 2019. We'll work on this by using EIB Listens to redefine the banking and investing experience and make it easy for customers to do business with us.

We will continue to do what is right for our customers. They expect solutions that improve their financial well-being. By leveraging our experience, tools, processes and training – as well as our digital experience – we can win customer loyalty and new business. Again, our ability to have quality conversations will go a long way toward helping us achieve this. 

What sets us apart from the rest?

How we function is through exact, wide open communication and transparency. We understand individuals and corporations may need the added comfort in knowing the competency of their banking professional. At EIB, we believe in the power of the written and spoken word to help foster achievement and create a sense of financial well-being. Clear and transparent messaging — brought to life through plain, everyday language —  we can help make it easy for customers to understand their banking life and their relationship with EIB, and ultimately to make informed financial decisions with confidence.

Our hope is to create an exceptional customer experience that leads to increased customer engagement it can help us standardize and improve the customer experience

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